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Protect your legacy with estate planning services from Turner and Patat, PC. Individuals in Athens and beyond can come to one of our two office locations in Athens and Watkinsville for professional and respectful estate planning services.

What is Estate Planning? Why Do I Need it?

Estate planning is the process of legally defining your wishes for your finances and assets upon your passing.

Without the protection of proper planning, your estate is sent through probate court. With no evidence of your wishes, the probate court decides how your property is distributed amongst your heirs. Your property could be tied up for months before reaching your beneficiaries, and court fees and attorney payments eat up as much as 5 percent of your estate’s value.

Probate is a stressful experience for your already-grieving loved ones. Provide them with clarity and peace of mind with timely and legally sound estate planning.

Turner and Patat, PC Can Help You Draw Up a Will

Having a will is essential for everyone. A will and testament is a legally-binding document that clearly lays out your wishes for your property in the event of your passing. Through a will, you can leave your personal assets to anyone you wish.

Joint assets will likely be decided upon by their surviving owner, but with their input on your will, you can rest assured your portion of the assets is distributed accordingly.

Without a will, all assets are transferred to your next of kin to distribute as they see fit. This can lead to conflict within the family. For instance, if you and your spouse are separated but not legally divorced at the time of your passing, your property will be transferred to them by default.

Avoid Undue Taxation with a Trust Fund

Estate taxes can be hefty, cutting deep into the assets intended for your heirs. Don’t leave your loved ones with less than intended. Turner and Patat, PC helps you create a trust fund that ensures your heirs receive their proper inheritance.

Trust funds can hold property for your beneficiaries, making it a different portion of your estate regarding taxation. Trust funds give you the most control over how, when, and how much your heirs will receive. For example, you can include stipulations and schedule disbursements. Further, you can schedule the inheritance to be available upon your grandchild’s 18th birthday, or for your home to be given to your daughter only after she graduates college.

Protect Your Loved One’s with Estate Planning

Turner and Patat, PC can ensure your loved ones will receive their due inheritance with comprehensive estate planning services. We can create legal, irrevocable trust funds, and help you devise an equitable and sufficient last will and testament. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation.

If you'd like more information about our estate planning services please complete this form to setup a free consultation.

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